Thursday, March 30, 2006

"What Deepak Wants"
Tagged !!!

Today I have to answer a very important question of my life as what I want in my girlfriend (to be girlfriend)
Considering the important of the topic I will start right away without wasting another single second, don’t get me wrong I have already done the thinking here what I want ….or say “ WHAT DEEPAK WANT”

1 – She should be a Girl.
--0 ----- Dimensions Does not matter ......
-/()\ --- Bank Statements , Complexion does not matter
--/\ ---- What ever is your caste , religion , Ethinity
--------- Who ever you are , what ever you DO , You just have to be a GIRL
2 – She should have one mouth and two ears.
3 – She should have two hands.
4 – She should have two legs.
5 – She should have two eyes.
6 – She should have one head with hairs outside and something inside.
7 – She should have ‘The Taste’, so that she can like me.
8 – Finally if she is pretty it’s an added Plus.

I think that’s all!
What a coincident you asked for eight and my demand list also ends at eight.

PS: Any girl who think that she can meet my requirements, please feel free to contact.
DOSTO: as you know there is a very slight possibly that any girl will ever read it (Reason’s Very low readership, Even more poor sex ratio of the readers), so friends if you find/know a girl who is right there satisfying my list, Please feel free to give her my contact. As for me
“Dil, Dhoondha hai aaj kahin”
“Phir wahi”
“Sapno se”
“Pal, Khushi bhare”

Now I have to tag eight more persons with same
“Find Eight Attributes for your loved one Tag”. …So all of you haven’t tagged yet please take put some time think about it , and then pen it down ….so for now my tag list is Empty …Looking forward to see your name in it.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

This is all I want !!!

Men are of Three Types: Leaders/Followers/Losers
And this basic “TypeCasting” is able to answer many of my questions , Like why i am writing this stupid code here , Why i am not where i wanted to be, Despite of my wrecked condition i am considered as successful because i fall into category two ..I am the follower, i follow the path of success, some times i follow the path of dedication, sometimes i try to follow the path which can make me leader ...but in all i am always following some path. i am not the one who makes his paths himself ...and that’s why today i am confined to a 5/5 cubical and planning to move to an Institution which will make me a better fit for an expensive more prestigious cubical. Right now i am not thinking, i am just following the Trend which will lead me to a Better Life. (You know) the Reason behind my inclination? It’s nothing, other than the fact that others are doing well by following this path.
When? When i will be able to Break the rules and move into a line where i can term myself as a leader. What is the Basic fault which is stopping me .I don’t know how long i will be able to walk on this path of success. In am not sure when I will be able to come out of my cocoon to set my own roads, with a million of followers, following it with passion and compassion....

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I dont know why i have started bothering this much about the Grammer and spelling , No i am not saying that writing correct is a bad habit , but Instead of goingfor an improvement , i am choosing rather much simpler way which is 'QUIT HO'.It is an old friend indeed helped me a lot in the past also when i was struggling tofind a way out,and this 'QUIT HO' made me left the path itself. Confused !!! Yes i am also confused, Thats why i took the services of 'QUIT HO' , if youare reading it in the hope that you will understand what it is , then sorry you you are asking who was the ram just after the whole ramayana ...I am also not going to explain anything as for me it is very easy ,I will just have to say : 'QUIT HO'.