Thursday, January 07, 2010

“The Three Balls”

Sometimes it is hard to accept it socially that you like the movie “kya kool hai hum”, but what is even more harder is to claim that you like “Isha Koppikar” not becuase of “Girl Friend” but becuase you find her cute and talented.

But let me come to the point! we can always discuss personal preferences and choices in detail later on. Remember “AnupamKher” and his three ball theory, now couple this with 7 habits of successful people, makes me wonder what it would be if i want to decide three most imoprotant balls. 3 things which you should have, courage, intelligence and luck...? naaaa.... Not a generalized fact but i think it should be

So.. now can I write a book with examples and funny fillers and then this can make me rich and then i can buy out my wishes.. becuase there are only some things money can't buy and it should not be difficult to manage with most of the things, lets not be greedy.

Who are you? Can you answer this question with certainity.. you actually know who are you? To me this is the clarity and after this... (let me emphasize by writing it once again)..only after this do you know what do you want.... (here i would like to make it bold, italic or anything, but i dont want you to answer.. Tempo!, i think, i should try some common tricks like what do you REALLY want)...what is that one thing you think you can not die without accomplishing...its all together different if you dont want to die ever.. but still if we stick to the commonally found common man what it would be?... can you answer that this is what I want.... Oh!!.... Great you know.... so how you are going to get what you want knowing yourself.

The answer my friend could be found in the coming best seller... 3 balls you shoudl have to be “happy” “rich” “successful” “GOD”...”anything” “everything”....(Exact topic can be decided later as per the going trend....)