Tuesday, August 23, 2005

“From emptiness”

Some times empty ness can give us something full with fullness and its one of the better things happened to me in this life … when I was a child … no I don’t remember any fever .. but it was surely something which has a great impact on my life , I was a dreamer ,no I am a dreamer ,.. a big time dreamer , one who likes this virtual world more than any real phenomena . so you want to judge me … am I a freak … or am I a psycho .. no I am just a dreamer .. and in my fairy world monster are a valid point , every thing is not white or black there is a lot of grey in my world , I wish I could show you my world … there is a journey from fantasy to tragedy … why this reality is so cruel why it cant be as sweet as dreams … they are indeed not the sweetest thing , but they are sweet and I am happy with the amount of sweetness presents …where the hell I am heading , why there is such imbalance , disorder seems to most ordered functionality is my this pretty real world … I want to do a lots of things but my ultimate desire is just the word ‘WANT’ I want to have this feeling of want , seems like an endless limitless , un-measurable , journey ….when will it comes to a halt.

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