Tuesday, August 23, 2005

“What went wrong …?”

He was looking for the reasons, but there is no one who can console him, I doubt if anyone can be able to understand the pain, the feelings he is going through , why he is so weird , why cant he live like us , we the normal human being , he is crazy , baby , crazy , and we? Who we are, infect what we are, ok you are saying there is a clear line between crazy and us, and we the people are surely not crazy at all , I can guarantee you about myself I am totally sane , saner than the sanest that’s the reason why I am writing this wonderful piece of art , only intellectuals do this king of stuff , surely I am neither you nor crazy I am intellectual , I am the one who discuss about everything , I have a thousands of opinions , I am the one who can change this world , but I am not the one , because we intellectuals don’t change this world , we love to talk just talk , we love to show our love , all we care about is that everyone know how much we care, we do all of it because we are intellectual …indeed . Ok let’s come back to you the normal Indians... Sometimes crowned with the tag of “the great Indian middle class”... … … ….. if there is anyone normal that’s we , because we know what is necessary for our life , we are too busy in gathering the food , clothes and shelter and sometimes AC and OPTRA , we know why he is sad , and we also know why he is mad , he is useless as useless as those intellectuals , they don’t know what the real problem is , they don’t know the anything about heart and soul , they are just abnormal , we know that only great man can build a great nation , but here everything is a mess , there is no light in the city from last 5 days , roads are full with potholes , street light already became part of the history .. This whole system is dead, or I should say deadlier than the deadliest….

….am I the only one staring at the sun …there are great philosophers thousand of activists and socialists there is this great Indian Diaspora... still I want the answer ..This has been an unanswered question since too long …

“What went wrong?”

The-end …

As I already said we intellectual do not have the answer …. Do you? It’s been the most shameful day of my life I am not even able to give answer to this CRAZY.. Don’t know what he wants… What he is up to …strange isn’t it…..

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