Monday, September 05, 2005

You are free ?

There are many things in this life we want to know about but sometimes we just feels like a ‘kathputli’ … I don’t know how much you feel the strings around you .. But one thing is sure that there isn’t much space available for free movement. I always felt that suffocation and limit ness is trying to go over me again and again …but I am not that easily defeat able I am the survivor I know where the horizon is, I know where the limit lies, yes it is very close and the movement is restricted but there is a way ..We just need to find it and follow it …….


SKS said...

true, deepak. I put it this way: we are always left with limited no of choices. 'Winners' have a bit more choices as compared to the 'losers'.

SKS said...
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zxcv said...

@ sk i think its not the number of chances/choice that u get, but wat u make out of it. a winner will always shine out. rgtly put in by deepak, we just need to find it and follow it

Avinash singh said...

hey guys..

i am not sure wat u make out of deepak's this blog.. he doesnt say anything about a winner.does he?

deepak clarify a bit here plz.. i thought that u were trying to bring to point that we the human beings are tied in shackles of this world,where all our actions are not guided by our heart or our wishes ..

we need to bring ourself out of this impossible looking web structure.. and no matter how large it is.. it has to have a loophole.. and when u find it .. u r free..

and u !@$%&$%^#%@ .. why havent u added me up in ur "bloggers from wing section" latoo ke saath atyachar .. cholbe naa cholbe na..
it is "" add it else!!!!!

Deepak Verma said...

finally ....thanx guta ..
kuchh der ke liye to mujhe bhee lagne laga thaa ki maine shayad kuchh aur hi likh diya hai ....

even topic itself says are you free?
can you do everything you want?
and in the midst of the "ghutan" "restrictions" finally ...there is a way ...and well said by guta if you can find the way this is your world.

zxcv said...

khus ho jao deepak, abe aisa bhi complicated nahi likha tha ki samajh mein na aaye.
main bus sk jo bhi hai usska jawab de raha tha